Boris Johnson, Late Night Shenanigans

Apparently a cabbie heckled the London Mayor Boris Johnson. To which he responded, ‘Fuck off and die’. That is, assuming the newspapers can be believed. (tough call)

Not sure who the paper is trying to shame here, the mayor or the cabbie. Given that Boris was on a bike he could justifiably feel threatened by a vehicle owner giving him shit. At 12.20am.

The Daily Mail’s write-up mentions a witness who said:

‘I didn’t expect Boris to use such select words – maybe if he is going to be the next Prime Minister he should calm things down a bit.’

Not sure why he should, he was given shit, he gave it back. As a private citizen at night on his own non-polluting vehicle, why should be be any different than anyone else, and be allowed to give as good as he got?

Greece: Closed?

Poor old Greece.

It spent what it could then the crash happened and now it bears the full force of nations wanting their money back. Is this the end for them? Is the Greek Euro finally over with? Can they go back to the drachma?

Seems a bit silly to me that it needs bailout funds in order to repay loans. Umm, isn’t that a circle that is only going to get tighter? Why would the ECB want Greece out? If they’re in it all together like the EU is supposed to be, why would they go to such drastic measures, only to have to kick them out and then (probably) not get the money back anyway?

Building a stock control system

A year or so ago I built a stock control system for GRS, using HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL/jQuery – it was a work of love and art. I loved doing it, and it was artistic in that I was picky.

Now I’ve decided to have a look at doing a slightly different version of it using AngularJS, seeing if things can be a bit quicker, maybe a bit easier to manage code-wise.

If I manage to finish it this summer, it will be commercially released, testing has been successful so far on this current version so if the Angular version is clearer it will probably be the commercial release.

You think you know it all and then …

… you learn yet more!

After working with html/css for so many years, I thought that I had it licked. Did I hell as like! Finding myself with the day to tweak the GRS website, I had a great site do some auto-testing and it came back with a lot of things to change, such as:

  • reducing image size, instead of relying on css to scale it for you, means viewers don’t have to waste lots of bandwidth downloading the larger image, when you’re not displaying it at that size!
  • putting javascripts at the bottom of the page (if possible) instead of in the <head> can reduce the appearance of lag;
  • specifying image width/height in the tag instead of css;

Ok so yes, these things are straightforward. Oddly though, I think we tend to get into complacent ruts, like putting all javascript declarations in the <head> (which is something I’ve noticed I do). There’s nothing wrong with re-evaluating what you do, and seeing if a change can mean something better.

Back Into Blogging

So as you may have seen, I’ve been not blogging for some time now. In fact, I decided to forgo the previous client, and start a new one on the new host.

Why? Because it’s easier than moving things, and this is just a personal blog, just for testing really. And of course, I use twitter more than anything these days (business: @theenglishguy    personal: @rrd1973), please add them if you want to follow me!