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I’ve heard her funeral called ‘distasteful’ because we’re spending state money.

You see, really, what’s distasteful, is paying Billions and Billions to people every month because they can’t be bothered to get off their arses and get a job.

And before you even say that there aren’t the jobs, there are. The government yesterday was only complaining that we’re running out of workers. So if we are running out of workers, why do we have a benefits system? Hmm? In fact if we’re running out of workers, surely our benefits bill should be going down…


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Seen today in The Sun:

Sir Peter Tapsell, 83, personally told PM David Cameron he is “keeping his seat warm” for the London mayor. His embarrassing remarks were overheard by other MPs, it was reported yesterday.

OMG, that means we’ll have that nutter Boris as our MP here? Please nooooo! At least someone who actually lives here, at least …

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Reading the Telegraph this morning I was a little surprised to see this:

“The laws on Royal succession should be changed to deal with the children of a lesbian Queen in a gay marriage who conceives using donor sperm, the House of Lords has heard.”

Seriously, what f***ing idiot is suggesting this nonsense now?!

For thousands of years, a man and a woman, married, have occupied the throne of Britain/England/UK/GB etc., It’s worked. Men and woman tend to have children together. Why, all of a sudden, has this gay/lesbian crap taken over everything here? And now not even the monarch can escape it.

I just don’t understand why we’re being force-fed this diet of ‘gay/lesbian is normal’, ‘it’s ok’, ‘they’re not a threat’, etc., I hate to say it but the children of a lesbian queen in a gay marrige using donor sperm, is NOT NORMAL. How much percent of the population do they occupy? Oh look, less than 5% …

Personally speaking, I don’t care what two or more people do behind closed doors. Fuck each other silly with garden implements whilst wearing a tutu if you want, but keep it private, ok? It may surprise you but the average citizen either doesn’t give a fuck, or doesn’t want to hear about it. And btw, the average citizen is straight and can procreate without having medical tools shoved in orifices just to have a kid. Frankly if you can’t have a kid, that’s life. There’s enough of us on the planet already without expending huge sums of money time and effort just to have one more. Adopt if you have to.

Oh and one more thing, the amount of people that are queued up in line to the throne means that we don’t really need to worry about the monarch having children, the line of Windsor has lots of scions to claim the empty title.


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All this nonsense about horse meat recently. I wonder what the fuss is all about… is it:

1) That we have horse meat in our cow/pork meat and we can’t allow that?
2) We’re putting cow farmers out of business?

I mean, if people hadn’t noticed the taste difference -before- we checked these meat products, then ask yourself a question: why is horse meat not on our tables to begin with?


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This morning, while relaxing with a steaming cup of hot coffee, I was reading various news sites and articles when I came across this one on the Guardian: Windfarms: the bitter fight dividing the UK.

I am reminded that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know some people think they’re an eyesore, some think they’re functional, others couldn’t give a sh**. So here’s my question that should rock the boat…

If wind turbines are an eyesore according to people in the local areas (or just people who stick their oar in), what about windmills?

Wind turbines/windfarms at least serve a purpose, they provide us with power which we desperately need. I won’t say it’s because of certain groups of people, because we’re all as equally guilty as each other and consume so much power we don’t even give it a second thought. Windmills don’t do anything! I mean, we certainly don’t grind wheat or barley with them anymore do we? So to be fair, -they- are the blight on the landscape because they don’t serve a purpose!

The article has interesting points of view, one of the most important of which is this: we should be producing our own wind turbines, because this island of ours is so blessed with wind (and we most definitely are!). Well, you can thank the Labour government for destroying our wind turbine business (yes we only had one but it was in the top three producers in the world) because they refused to subsidise and help them. Yes, we -should- be the world leader in that technology but just like so many other industries our government wasn’t foresighted enough to do the right thing.

German windfarms are a good example of what we should be doing; there, 60% of the local communites own the windfarms, they get the tax generated back into the local economy, so the people that support the windfarms tend to be those in that local area. Here, it seems that local issues are the ones overlooked, like some giant hand from Westminster guiding the placement without thought for those that live locally.

What’s even more vexing is this, surely all those islands, nooks and crannies that this place has, seem to be the perfect place for windfarms offshore. Why aren’t we pushing for those? I mean seriously very few people should care if a windfarm is 3 or 4 miles offshore and to argue that it destroys the ‘view’ is just laughable. The one thing we do have, like I’ve said, we should be capitalising on.

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Well, the saying seems fine. It gave up something, ghostly would be fine because I could see it, the laptop wasn’t giving me even that.

It started by booting into Vaio Recovery Mode. Four options revealed themselves, diagnostics, recover C:, recover OS, rescue data.

I tried all of them, and they kept bringing me back round to the, yes you guessed it, Vaio Recovery Mode again. Talk about tearing my hair out, I must have rebooted this laptop 20 times yesterday in a vain search to fix it.

Thankfully this morning, thinking cap clearly on, I got the fix by searching Google. I love you btw, Google.

Now instead of shitty Vista on my laptop I have Win7. A much better OS. Now of course, I have to figure out what I need on it, another day wasted downloading and tweaking, what a pain in the arse! Still, better than buying a new laptop …

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What would happen if…

Let’s say person A dies. DNA is taken and then injected into newly fertilised egg, leading to a child that is an exact duplicate of person A.

Would that person be a clone? Would they, when old enough obviously, remember events from the life of person A?

Would be interesting to find out don’t ya think?



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It is amazing how much a short haircut makes you feel that much colder! Didn’t think it was too cold this morning when I went out sans hat, after the haircut it was bloody freezing! :(


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Here’s an interesting question; does capital punishment work?

My opinion, I’m unsure. I mean, look at the US, capital punishment as strong as usual, but it doesn’t appear to be much of a deterrent does it?

I always thought that hiding it was also pointless. I mean, seeing someone hang for example, that might have been quite a deterrent, but as they say ‘out of sight out of mind’, once you never see them then a case can be made that you lose the fear of that punishment.

So, what’s your thoughts?



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This is something I’ve come up with, feel free to alter as you please. Since I’ve had a bad cold, I thought I’d try to make some chicken soup, which I’ve never done before. I’d cooked a roast chicken the other day and thought I could use the carcass, which is perfect for this apparently.

The ingredients I used:

  • 1 Chicken carcass
  • 1 Leek, roughly chopped
  • 1 Onion, roughly chopped
  • 3 pints water
  • 1 Chicken Stock Cube
  • 1 Finely chopped sprig of parsley
  • Salt

Put the water, carcass, and stock cube in a pan, cover, and simmer for two hours.

When ready, strain out the chicken carcass (or pick out with a spoon, which I did) and strip off remaining chicken flesh. The remaining liquid, onion and leek, blend briefly.

Add the chicken back to the blended liquid, add a pinch of salt and some finely chopped parsley. Voila.

Afterthoughts: I know many chicken soups have carrots and potatoes in, but I’m trying to avoid eating potatoes, and didn’t have carrots! So thankfully this came out quite well, wasn’t too bad on the tastiness front, so I thought I’d share it with you. More importantly it lets you get another meal or two from a chicken carcass…