Just when you think that Monday’s were bad enough, you get to work and an hour in you feel sick. In fact you feel so sick you spend about 20-30 mins in the toilet worshipping the porcelain god. Nothing happens. You still feel sick, there is a gnawing ache in your stomach.

Someone at work suggest you take a drink of water (thanks Eddie/Albert) you do so and not 10 seconds later you’re throwing up in the bin. Great.

I suffer with the pain for about an hour, and finally go upstairs to say I’m going home because I’m ill. That’s when I throw up again, in the kitchen, again.

I get home, I lay down on the bed, I still feel ill. Five minutes later, I throw up again.

Thanks norovirus, I love you. I -really- hate being sick, throwing up has to be one my worst experiences. Now I miss today, and probably tomorrow, from work. That silver lining doesn’t look so good when you need to get paid!