I am a bit (ok, a lot) disappointed in Israel. Such violence is something I would have expected from their own former torturers.

For such a high-tech state, so advanced, could they not have used non-lethal weaponry? Stun guns, tear gas, bean bag guns, and so on. New reports suggest the people on the boat only defended themselves with wooden staves.

And what permits them to do such things to vessels in international waters, in the name of a state? If they were so concerned about weapons being on boards the vessels, why not send their navy there, and tow the vessels back to Ashdod, get the people off, and then check the cargo? Would that not have been a more intelligent way of dealing with this than boarding suspected vessels and shooting protesters?

Israel has enemies I’m sure, but it just seems to me that the past decade they are getting more and more desperate and violent, but with no similar or matching enemy aggression. So the Palestinians send a rocket or two over, then the Israelis flatten towns and any large buildings, hardly a measured or equal response.

Even the US is beginning to lose patience, and although the UN is toothless and useless, even it is starting to act in whatever limited way it can. In the entire sixty years or so this low-level war has been going on, is no-one yet sick and tired of it? Can no-one step forward and finally come up with a workable and lasting peace for the region?

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