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So maybe I’m thick and didn’t get parts of it, but the Lost finale was one hell of a let down, to say the least!

Jack’s dead, but that can’t be what the entire thing is about. To say they all meet there, cosy and getting ready for the next life, seems a bit well, childish. Here’s just one or two of my questions, I’m sure I’ve missed some out.

  • If they’re dead, and sharing a pre-afterlife waiting for Jack, what was the purpose of the island? For that matter, what was all the pre-amble in the pre-afterlife? If they’re all dead anyway, why not just suddenly appear there?
  • What was the light?
  • What was Dharma Initiative there for?
  • If it’s so fabulous in the afterlife, doesn’t say much for most religions in the world right now if Said, the sadistic murdering torturer gets a nice happy afterlife with his bird of choice, does it now?
  • What was the purpose of moving the island?
  • Jacob’s brother, what happened to him? In fact, what -WAS- Jacob’s brother?

How terribly frustrating after all this time. I feel so disillusioned. And yet, at the same time, I know they’re working on another series, and I’m already thinking of watching it …


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Today should be called our first day of summer. Temperatures hit 24C here, which is pretty warm for this area, although not the max we’ve seen recently. Nevertheless it was great weather. It’s starting to get a bit sticky at work now though, and the bike ride home was great with the breeze.

When I got back home though I had to open all the doors and windows, let some air in and oh god it was fabulous, until the big wasp flew in and freaked me out as I was typing merrily away.

Hope there’s more like this this summer!


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Honestly. WTF?

Mascots? They look like something a 4-year old did. How the f*** do they represent the UK?

I find myself in that really uncomfortable position of really wishing I was in a dream, and at the same time, wishing I wasn’t British. Unbelievable.

The Olympics are supposed to be something that gets people together so perhaps it’s done that, in that we all hate the logo, the mascots, equally. If you see that link I posted, and look at the comments, you’ll see what I mean.

Someone at the bottom said, ‘WTF? ok… it could have been worse‘ How? I mean, perhaps two steaming turds might have been a worse set of mascots, but given the current situation our country is in, it would be accurate at least. These things, well I can’t say I see them representing droplets of metal as the article says.

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Just imagine wanting to move into a new house, but in this case the Queen is the one that decides it. Yes, welcome home David, the last occupants have been kicked out and your servants await.

On a less joking note though, nice to see that our election of a party with 2 million more votes than the next highest party, actually gets to be Prime Minister. We have been dancing around on broken glass these past few days and I’m not sure that Clegg really had it in mind to go with Labour, but rather use that as leverage for dealing with Cameron.

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I cannot believe that Hamilton had done so well in the Barcelona, driving to get 2nd position by the end of the race only to suffer a blown front tyre in the last but one lap. He remains in good spirits and said he had driven a good race.

The one problem with the Barcelona circuit is that it tends to be a procession. This race was a little more lively than others in the past, but still it would be nice to see more overtaking and spectacular driving.

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I wanted to just jot a quick note down that I’ve finally got round to releasing the wordpress theme I’ve been working on for a year. It’s a three-, four-, five-, or six-column wordpress theme, lots of options to set, colours, layouts, graphics, and so on.

You can find all the screenshots on my business site: .

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(like the captain says on Master and Commander)

In this case it’d be three weevils though. The three parties that vie for power.

Honestly I’m not sure what differences there would be should any of them get into power. I don’t want Gordon Brown back but then again, I doubt the other two would be any better.

One thing puzzles me though. Gordon Brown promises all this stuff but since he’s Prime Minister -now- anyway why hasn’t he got this stuff under way?


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You know that a political party is in dire trouble when candidates for them are telling the media that the Prime Minister, their leader, is the worst the UK has ever had. Pretty harsh. Also true.

It’s also bad when cabinet ministers, those you would expect to back the PM to the hilt, are suggesting to the media that people vote for another party to stop another party from winning (Ed Balls, on voting for a Lib Dem candidate). Never mind voting for them, because they know they won’t get the vote…

Surprisingly for me, and I will only say this once, I think that Tony Blair is much smarter than I ever gave him credit for. I actually felt sorry for him for getting stabbed in the back and at the time thought he was a bit pathetic for not striking out. But really, he’s the smart one here. He must have seen the writing on the wall and went gracefully with a smile on his face. A cheesy one, but nevertheless, a knowing happy smile.

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And now the weather is gorgeous this morning. Go figure.

Paddy sold his Cherokee last night, it went for £700, much more than I thought it would fetch.

And, nearly making me have a heart attack, my father responded to an email. I think that’s a first. Now I suppose I’ll have to teach him about instant messaging, although that might prove a hell of a lot more difficult. Never mind video calls, I think that’s way beyond him.

So back to work this morning. Should prove interesting, I remember I forgot to clean the printers on Thursday, but then again I had a lot of work on and didn’t have time.