The phrase ‘in it to win it’, only really applies to lotteries. Not to wars.

So I ask the question, if you (we) don’t know how to win it, and really honestly don’t know what we’re doing it for now (since Osama is dead), why the hell are we there?

Surely we’re not there to actually turn Afghanistan into an outpost of ‘the West’, are we? What’s there? Unruly tribes who take every opportunity to kill each other, neverendingly? The emeralds (and there’s lots, apparently)? Some other resource we desperately need (err, no)?

Come on governments, get our boys out of there. We don’t need to be wasting yet more money in a conflict no-one wants to fight and certainly no-one is going to win. The moment we leave there’ll be a civil war, the Taliban will come roaring back and the country will be at square one again.

What makes it even worse, at least in my eyes, is that we’re propping up a despot who can’t protect his own family let alone his own people. And all of Karzai’s posturing around with that silly multi-coloured rug on his back just makes me retch, the man thinks he’s annointed by God or something.