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Posted by richard

Had a good mini presentation on my OpenAir Drupal theme just now.

This was basically a quick talk on the work I did porting the OpenAir WordPress theme to Drupal. Although this was my first theme with Drupal I think that I will be doing others, it’s a good system, easy to work with, and lots of resources (with ever-more coming online).

Thanks to Yuetsu for asking me, much appreciated.

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Posted by richard

Several months ago I was approached to port one of my WordPress themes () to Drupal. Bear in mind I’d never played with Drupal whatsoever, but I said yes just to get some experience. It worked well, although there are some things that can’t be done, with my level of knowledge at this point, at least. I imagine I’ll learn more soon and catch up.

So this weekend, I was asked to give a chat on Skype on how I ported the WP theme to Drupal, so it will be this Saturday afternoon sometime. The Drupal camp is in Portland Oregon I believe. Should be interesting.

Getting in the spirit of things, I’m going to be porting another one of my WP themes to Drupal tomorrow to get ready for this, going over some of the things I’ve done so I know what I’m talking about. I’m thinking a fairly easy theme, like , or .

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Posted by richard

I have had a request from someone to take my to Drupal and so over the past week I have been messing around with it. Although I think that Drupal is a bit more complex than WordPress for theming purposes, and I am far more comfortable with WP, I think I could get used to it and maybe port a few more themes over.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that the Drupal has the administration theme built in to the overall theme package, if you want it. Not a good thing though, from my perspective. The themes I’ve been examining to find out how they did it, have all the css mixed in and not in what I would call order. Picky I know, but I like the page structure to come first, then the bits and pieces like text, links etc.,

Should be finished soon anyway, and I’ve been testing it on testblog6.

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